Our Table Cookware Reviews: Affordable Quality from Bed Bath & Beyond

With so many cookware brands on the market, it can be hard to know which ones live up to their claims of quality construction and durability. Our Table is an exclusive line of pots, pans, bakeware and utensils sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. But how does it stack up?

In this in-depth review, we put some of the best-selling Our Table cookware through rigorous testing. We cooked family recipes, seared meat, simmered sauces, and baked casseroles to see how the nonstick held up over time. After months of use, we break down the pros and cons of this affordable cookware line.

The bottom line? While it may not compare to commercial-grade brands, Our Table cookware provides impressive quality and performance for budget-friendly prices. Read on for full details!

We’ll cover:

  • Overview of the Our Table brand and products
  • Hands-on testing for durability, ease of use, and performance
  • Customers reviews from real owners
  • How it compares to top competitors like Calphalon and Tfal
  • Key pros and cons of Our Table pots and pans
  • Recommendations for the best-selling cookware items
  • Care and maintenance tips to make it last
  • Where to buy Our Table cookware

Introducing Our Table: Bed Bath & Beyond’s House Cookware Brand

As a major home retailer, Bed Bath & Beyond saw a need for reliable, entry-level cookware to offer their customers. So they designed the Our Table line – an affordable range of cookware and accessories exclusive to Bed Bath & Beyond stores and website.

Our Table aims to deliver trendy, quality kitchen essentials at a wallet-friendly price point. Rather than licensing an existing brand, Bed Bath & Beyond can control every aspect of their house brand. This allows them to focus on the features and performance their customers want, while keeping costs low.

The Our Table collection includes:

  • Nonstick frying pans and pots made from heavy-gauge aluminum with titanium-reinforced ceramic nonstick coating. Available in dark colors like burgundy, black, and grey.
  • Bakeware ranging from cookie sheets and loaf pans to muffin tins and cake pans. Materials include aluminized steel, commercial grade carbon steel, and stoneware.
  • Cooking utensils and accessories like nylon cooking spoons, silicone hot pads and trivets, oven mitts, and plastic food storage containers.

Our Table aims to offer everything the home cook needs to outfit their kitchen. You can buy individual pieces open stock or as coordinated sets.

Now let’s see how the Our Table cookware performed in our hands-on testing.

Putting Our Table Cookware to the Test: Our Testing Process

To give an unbiased review, we rigorously tested the durability, performance, and ease of use of several popular Our Table cookware pieces. We used them regularly for over 6 months to recreate typical home cooking scenarios.

Here’s a look at our testing process:

  • Searing: Cooking steaks, pork chops, and chicken thighs to test searing capability and temperature control.
  • Simmering: Making pasta sauces, chilis, and soups that required simmering for hours.
  • Baking: Baking casseroles, cookies, cakes, and pizzas to test oven durability up to 500°F.
  • Eggs: Cooking omelets, fried eggs, and scrambled eggs to assess nonstick ability.
  • Cleaning: Washing cookware by hand and in the dishwasher to see how it withstands cleaning.
  • Storage: Stacking and nesting cookware pieces to evaluate any scratches or damage to surfaces.
  • Heating: Evaluating heating speed, consistency, and hot spot development on gas and electric stovetops.

During this testing, we looked at key criteria like durability, ease of use, performance over time, and overall value. Let’s discuss the results.

Our Table Cookware Performance Results

Overall, the Our Table pots and pans performed impressively well during testing. Especially given the very affordable price point, the cookware exceeded expectations in nonstick ability, even heat distribution, and durability.

Here are the performance highlights across all the pieces we tested:

  • Heating ability: The aluminum construction conducts heat quickly and evenly. Oils heated rapidly with minimal hot spots.
  • Nonstick performance: Food released from pans easily with little oil or butter needed. Eggs slid right out of skillets.
  • Comfort: Silicone handles stayed cool while cooking. Pans felt lightweight yet substantial in the hand.
  • Cleaning: All cookware and utensils are dishwasher safe which is a major plus. Nonstick surfaces also wiped clean with minimal effort.
  • Durability over time: After months of use, no noticeable scratches or deterioration of the nonstick coating were visible.
  • Oven safety: Our Table bakeware withstood oven temps up to 500°F without warping. Silicone hot pads intact after use up to 428°F.
  • Storage: Pots and pans stacked well without damage thanks to durable finishes.

For budget-friendly, entry-level cookware the Our Table line surprised us with quality construction and reliable nonstick coatings. Even with heavy use, it held up well over time.

Customer Reviews: What Real Owners Are Saying

Beyond our own testing, we always look at reviews from customers who have used the cookware in their home kitchens.

Overall, Our Table earns very positive reviews with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. Here are examples of what happy customers had to say:

“I love the ceramic coating! Makes cooking and cleaning so easy. These have become my go-to pans.”

“Food doesn’t stick and the pans distribute heat evenly. Much better quality than I expected for the price.”

“This cookware set has everything I need for daily cooking. The colors are fun and liven up my kitchen.”

Based on hundreds of reviews, customers agree that Our Table delivers outstanding nonstick ability and quick, even heating for the affordable price. The beautiful colors and variety of items in sets also gets praise.

Some constructive feedback from customers includes:

“They work well but do seem a little delicate – I’m careful not to use metal utensils.”

“Nonstick holds up pretty well but has scratched some over time.”

“The plastic lids tend to stain and discolor.”

While not professional chef-grade cookware, most home cooks are very pleased with the performance, look, and value of the Our Table line. It serves them well for everyday cooking tasks.

How Our Table Cookware Compares to Popular Brands

We compared the Our Table cookware to some of the top-selling brands available at similar entry-level price points. Here’s how it stacks up:

Calphalon: The Calphalon Simply Pots Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set is close in price to many Our Table sets. It offers hard anodized aluminum construction and durable PFOA-free nonstick. Some benefits over Our Table are higher oven safety up to 400°F and slightly more aesthetic design. But for the price, Our Table provides nearly equal quality and performance.

T-Fal: T-fal offers the most affordable cookware sets starting under $100 for 21 pieces. The Thermo-Spot technology signifies when pans are preheated. The nonstick holds up well initially but may degrade faster than Our Table. Overall very comparable quality and value.

Rachael Ray: At a similar price point, the quality is not quite on par with Our Table. The handles aren’t oven safe and the nonstick coating tends to scratch and stain easier based on reviews. But offers bright fun colors.

Circulon: The Circulon Symmetry cookware has a unique circle pattern nonstick design said to be 10 times more durable but also comes with a higher price tag. Our Table nearly matches it for less.

GreenPan: For a nontoxic ceramic coating, GreenPan is a leader but costs significantly more. Our Table nearly matches their performance for a fraction of the cost.

Overall for budget-friendly cookware, Our Table competes well with and often surpasses big names like Calphalon and T-Fal in terms of quality. You get great performance without overpaying.

Our Table Cookware: Pros vs Cons

After extensive testing and research, here are the main pros and cons we found with the Our Table cookware line:


  • Quality materials like heavy-gauge aluminum and titanium-infused ceramic nonstick.
  • Excellent nonstick ability requiring minimal oil or butter.
  • Heats quickly and evenly on all stovetops including induction.
  • Dishwasher and metal utensil safe.
  • Trendy colors and finishes match any kitchen decor.
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 500° F.
  • Silicone handles stay cool while cooking.
  • Extremely affordable pricing, especially for nonstick.
  • Only available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores and website.


  • Won’t last as long as commercial-grade cookware from brands like All-Clad.
  • Can’t reach extremely high searing temperatures like cast iron or carbon steel.
  • Darker nonstick colors will show some scratches over time.
  • Some plastic lids prone to staining.

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons, especially given the wallet-friendly price points. The strong reviews and performance results support that Our Table cookware provides tremendous value.

Recommended Our Table Cookware Pieces

Based on our testing and reviews, here are the specific Our Table cookware items we can recommend:

  • 12″ Fry Pan – A workhorse pan that excels at eggs, pancakes, and other breakfast cooking.
  • 3 Qt Saucepan with Lid – Perfect for cooking rice, pasta sauce, chili, and soups.
  • 5 Qt Stock Pot with Lid – Large enough for pasta, stews, corn boils, and more family meals.
  • 9 x 13 Cake Pan – Reliable pan for all your baking needs from lasagna to brownies.
  • Cookie Sheet – Ideal for evenly cooked cookies, roasting vegetables, and more.
  • Silicone Hot Pads – Affordable and withstand heat up to 428°F. Protect hands and surfaces.

While sets provide everything you need to outfit a kitchen, buying select Our Table pieces open stock lets you customize based on your cooking habits.

Care and Maintenance Tips to Make Our Table Cookware Last

To get the most life out of your Our Table cookware, follow these care tips:

  • Allow pans to cool completely before washing to prevent warping.
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads and cleaners which can damage the nonstick over time.
  • If food is stuck on, soak in warm soapy water to loosen gently.
  • Hand wash or clean on dishwasher’s delicate or low heat setting.
  • Store cookware with care as the nonstick can scratch. Use parchment between stacked pans.
  • Don’t exceed the oven safe temp – usually up to 500°F. Broiler safe for short cook times.
  • Do not leave empty cookware on a hot burner. The aluminum base can warp.
  • Replace stained plastic lids over time. Other pieces should last for years with proper care.

Follow the use and care instructions to enjoy your Our Table cookware for a long time!

Where to Buy Our Table Cookware

Since it’s a house brand, Our Table cookware is only available at Bed Bath & Beyond retail locations and on their website.

Pricing is very affordable, with frying pans starting at $12.99 and cookware sets from $49.99 to $199.99. Bed Bath & Beyond frequently offers coupons and promotions to save even more.

Owning the brand allows Bed Bath & Beyond to keep costs low. And their generous return policy gives peace of mind in case you aren’t satisfied.

Check their website to view the full Our Table collection. Call or visit your local store and see pieces in person before you buy.

Our Final Take: Quality Cookware Worth Buying

Considering the affordable price points, Our Table cookware consistently impressed during testing for real-world home cooking. We found the nonstick performance, durability, and ease of use beyond expectations for a house brand.

While it may not match the quality of luxury brands, Our Table provides serious bang for your buck. For stocking an entry-level kitchen or outfitting a vacation home, it’s a budget-savvy choice. The cookware looks sharp on the stove thanks to trendy colors and finishes too.

Given Bed Bath & Beyond’s stellar return policy, we think it’s worth trying out some Our Table essentials for your cooking needs. Compare it to pricier brands and you may be convinced to save money going with this retail exclusive line.

So head to your local Bed Bath & Beyond store to check out Our Table in person or visit online to outfit your kitchen without breaking the bank.

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