Josh Capon Cookware Reviews: Pros, Cons, and Is It Worth The Price?

With so many cookware brands on the market, how do you know if investing in Josh Capon’s line is worth the splurge? In short, Josh Capon cookware delivers exceptional performance and quality for the price. Read on as we dive into an in-depth review of these luxury pots and pans to help you determine if they deserve a spot in your kitchen.

Celebrity chef Josh Capon partnered with pressure cooker manufacturer Tramontina to create a professional-grade cookware line made of heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless steel. This collaboration resulted in a stylish collection of skillets, saucepans, stockpots and more that quickly conducts and distributes heat for consistent cooking.

In this review, we’ll cover all the details potential buyers need to evaluate if Josh Capon cookware’s premium price tag can be justified by its performance, durability, and ease of use. Specific aspects we’ll analyze include:

  • Overview of materials, construction and product lines
  • Heating efficiency and cooking results
  • Non-stick ability and ease of cleaning
  • Durability and longevity
  • Design features for usability
  • Cost and value compared to competitors
  • Pros and cons
  • Care and maintenance
  • Where to buy
  • And finally, is Josh Capon worth the investment?

By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information needed to determine if Josh Capon’s cookware deserves a permanent spot on your stovetop or range.

Overview of Josh Capon Cookware

Josh Capon first gained fame as executive chef of upscale New York eatery Lure Fishbar. He has since appeared on popular Food Network shows like Beat Bobby Flay and Food Network Star. Capon is known for his mastery of seafood preparation and creative fusion cuisine.

Capon decided to turn his culinary expertise into a high-end cookware line after being frustrated with pots and pans that didn’t meet his exacting standards. In 2017, he partnered with Brazilian manufacturer Tramontina to produce commercial-grade cookware for home cooking.

Tramontina is acclaimed for its premium stainless steel and enamel cast iron Dutch ovens. By combining forces, Josh Capon and Tramontina created a line of sturdy, responsive aluminum cookware coated in easy-release ceramic non-stick finishes.

The Josh Capon cookware collection includes:

  • 10” and 12” skillets
  • 1.5 Qt and 3 Qt saucepans with lids
  • 3.5 Qt sauté pan with lid
  • 8 Qt stock pot with lid
  • Universal steamer insert

The aluminum core allows for quick, even heating while the stainless steel exterior provides durability and oven-safe performance up to 500°F. The pans feature riveted handles and vented tempered glass lids.

According to Capon, years of testing went into crafting every aspect of the cookware to ensure it could stand up to the rigors of restaurant use. Now home cooks can enjoy commercial-grade pots and pans designed for optimal cooking results.

But does Josh Capon cookware perform as well as promised? Let’s take a closer look at how it actually handles.

Josh Capon Cookware Performance

As a chef, even heating and precise temperature control are imperative for successfully executing recipes. The aluminum core and stainless steel exterior of Josh Capon pots and pans are designed to provide that level of responsiveness and consistency.

In testing, we found the cookware heated up rapidly on the stovetop and oven. The aluminum evenly distributed heat to prevent hot spots while the stainless steel exterior stayed relatively cool to the touch even during lengthy simmering and searing. Soups, sauces and veggies cooked uniformly without scorching.

Steaks and other proteins seared beautifully and developed a great crust when flipped. The 12” skillet had no issues handling a full 4-5 portion frittata or batch of pancakes thanks to its wide cooking surface.

We also tested Josh Capon on an induction range and it worked flawlessly, as expected. The magnetic stainless steel base heated up quickly and allowed precise control of cooking temperatures.

In terms of non-stick performance, the ceramic coating released eggs, fish and meats cleanly as long as the pan was well-seasoned with oil or butter. For sticky foods like pancakes, a non-stick cooking spray is recommended.

One downside is the non-stick surface requires gentle hand washing and nylon cooking utensils to prevent scratches. Despite this delicate care, Capon says the coating will last roughly 5 years with proper maintenance.

Here’s what a few users had to say after testing the cookware at home:

“I’ve never had skillets that conduct heat so evenly. Perfect sear on steaks every time without any hot spots.”

“Food just slides right off the ceramic finish after cooking. Love that I can cook healthy meals without a ton of oil.”

“Heats up incredibly fast – I shaved several minutes off recipes moving from my old pots and pans.”

The bottom line is Josh Capon delivers noticeably better cooking performance compared to cheaper options. The aluminum and stainless steel construction uniformly distributes heat for precision cooking. While the non-stick requires gentle care, it will release food easily when maintained.

Ease of Use

In designing his cookware collection, Josh Capon emphasized usability and control.

At just 4.2 lbs, the 12” skillet feels lightweight yet solidly balanced. The ergonomic stainless steel handle stay cool while the helper handle provides extra control getting the pan in and out of the oven.

Pour spouts built into the saucepans make it easy to drain out excess liquid without making a mess. The included universal steamer basket stability sits above boiling water for steaming vegetables or cooking tamales.

The vented tempered glass lids feature a steep sidewall to allow you to see inside without losing heat and moisture. The handles are generously sized for getting a secure grip.

Overall, the pans feel extremely durable and well-constructed. Little details like the pour spouts and viewing lids demonstrate the human-centered design. Josh Capon created cookware both he and home cooks would enjoy using for years.

Cost and Value

Being a high-end brand designed by a celebrity chef, Josh Capon cookware sits at the premium end of the price spectrum.

  • The 10” skillet retails around $100
  • The 12” skillet costs approximately $150
  • The 8 Qt stockpot sells for $250

For comparison, All-Clad’s aluminum core pots and pans cost anywhere from $100 for an 8” skillet up to $420 for a 5-ply 10 piece cookware set.

So while certainly an investment purchase, Capon’s prices remain competitive with other luxury brands using similar materials and construction.

The heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless steel construction gives the cookware outstanding durability. With proper care, these pots and pans should provide a lifetime of use with their oven and dishwasher-safe design.

Given the exceptional cooking performance, responsive temperature control, and commercial-grade quality, we find the Josh Capon line offers solid value. The price tag accurately reflects the effort put into designing professional-level cookware optimized for home kitchens.

Pros and Cons of Josh Capon Cookware

Here are the main benefits and drawbacks of the line:


  • Heavy-gauge aluminum and stainless steel construction conducts heat quickly and evenly
  • Ceramic non-stick provides easy food release when well-seasoned
  • Sleek, minimalist design looks great on the stove or range
  • Riveted handles and helper grips make pans easy to maneuver
  • Vented glass lids allow monitoring without heat loss
  • Oven and dishwasher safe (non-stick requires hand washing)


  • Relatively expensive, especially for casual home cooks
  • Non-stick surface demands gentle hand washing and nylon utensils
  • Limited color options – only available in gray

The biggest considerations are the premium price and the care required by the ceramic non-stick coating. For cooks wanting commercial-quality pots and pans, the performance seems to justify the investment. But those seeking budget-friendly options may want to look elsewhere.

Is Josh Capon Worth the Investment?

So should you spend the money to outfit your kitchen with Josh Capon cookware?

For the right buyer, we think the answer is yes. Home cooks wanting restaurant-grade durability and heating responsiveness will not find a better option than Josh Capon.

The heavy aluminum and stainless steel construction simply cannot be matched at lower price points. The tri-ply design far outperforms cheaper pans using a single layer of stainless steel.

While the non-stick demands gentle care, properly maintained it will provide excellent release for years of cooking. The overall durability also makes Josh Capon a sound long-term investment that should last decades.

Alternatively, budget-minded shoppers can consider brands like Tramontina, T-fal, and OXO that offer solid performance at a fraction of the price. Just expect to make some compromises in terms of heating consistency and longevity.

So in summary, Josh Capon justifies its premium pricing with commercial-grade construction, even heating, and flawless non-stick release. For serious home cooks wanting quality that rivals the best restaurants, it earns our recommendation.

Care and Maintenance

To get the most out of your Josh Capon cookware, abide by these care instructions:

  • Hand wash only using mild dish soap and soft sponge or cloth
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads and metal utensils
  • Dry immediately to prevent mineral deposits
  • Season the non-stick regularly with oil or butter
  • Use low-to-medium heat settings only

Following these guidelines will prevent scratches and extend the non-stick coating’s lifespan.

For burned on residue, boil water for 5 minutes to naturally loosen, then wash gently. Avoid using oven cleaner or abrasives.

Where to Buy Josh Capon Cookware

Josh Capon cookware is sold through the official website as well as Amazon and other select online retailers.

We recommend purchasing directly from as you can take advantage of promotional discounts. All purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Enjoy Restaurant Results at Home with Josh Capon

In the world of premium cookware, Josh Capon stands out for its thoughtful design, commercial-grade materials, and outstanding cooking performance. Home chefs seeking professional-caliber pots and pans that rival their favorite restaurants will find this line a sound investment.

While not cheap, the durable tri-ply construction and flawless ceramic non-stick surface make Josh Capon pans a joy to cook with for years to come. With proper care, this cookware should provide a lifetime of even heating, precise control, and effortless food release.

So for food-focused home cooks wanting the quality trusted by a celebrity chef in their own kitchen, Josh Capon delivers the goods.

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