Mauviel Cookware Reviews – Our 2023 Guide to Copper French Cookware

Cooking enthusiasts around the world obsess over finding that perfect pan – one that heats evenly, won’t scorch delicate sauces, and will become a beloved kitchen workhorse. For many, the answer lies with the heritage French brand Mauviel and their renowned copper cookware. But with premium prices and require proper care, is Mauviel copper cookware worth investing in?

After extensively testing and reviewing several collections, our verdict is a resounding yes – when cared for properly, Mauviel’s copper pans are worth every penny. Read on as we dive into the history of this storied brand, evaluate the durability and performance of their copper, break down the key differences across their product lines, compare with competitors, and offer our tips for getting the most from your Mauviel purchase. Whether you’re a pro chef or enthusiastic home cook, by the end, you’ll know whether these iconic pans deserve a spot in your kitchen.

A Storied History of Coppersmithing Excellence

Mauviel was founded in 1830 in the Normandy town of Villedieu-les-Poêles, a city famed for metalworking and copper production. For nearly two centuries, generations of artisan copper craftsmen have honed their expertise producing premium cookware beloved by Michelin starred chefs and discerning home cooks.

They have earned their reputation through, innovative design, uncompromising quality, and sheer mastery of copper. Each piece is still painstakingly hammered by hand in their French workshops – a testament to traditional artisanal production.

Today, Mauviel offers an extensive range of copper cookware lines to suit all needs and budgets. While prices reflect their hand-crafted nature, those willing to invest will be rewarded with a potential lifetime of unparalleled cooking performance.

Why Professionals Love Mauviel

There’s a reason you’ll find Mauviel copper pans gracing the stovetops of top restaurant kitchens around the world. For culinary professionals cooking delicate sauces or needing precise temperature control, copper is unmatched for even heating and responsiveness.

Copper is the most thermally conductive material used for cookware. It rapidly and evenly distributes heat across the entire pan surface, eliminating annoying hot spots or uneven cooking. Foods delicate foods like egg custards and finicky sauces come out perfect every time.

Chef Michel Bras of Michelin 3-star restaurant Le Suquet raves “I adore the evenness of cooking, the distribution of heat and the precision in Mauviel cookware. For me, copper is a magic material.”

Copper also reacts instantly to temperature changes. When you turn up the heat, it responds immediately, and likewise cools rapidly when taken off the burner. Pan sauces can be reduced down or simmered to perfection with pinpoint control.

For searing, copper offers unbeatable responsiveness and heat flux – when Deglazing a pan, juices sizzle and reduce rapidly to create an intensely flavored fond. This quick cooking action also locks in moisture and flavor when sautéing meats or vegetables.

Simply put, copper allows a mastery and precision ideal for restaurant cooking impossible with other materials. While copper may intimidate some home cooks, with proper use and care it will elevate your cooking game.

Evaluating the Durability

With copper’s responsive benefits also come some tradeoffs – namely it requires a bit more care and maintenance than stainless steel or aluminum. In its pure form, copper is a soft metal prone to dents and warping.

This is why Mauviel reinforces their copper cookware in a few key ways:

  • Stainless steel exterior – a steel alloy layer wraps the outside of the pan protecting the copper interior from bumps and bruises.
  • Tin lining – a thin layer of tin coats the interior cooking surface, preventing copper from reacting with food but also requiring careful use to avoid scratching.
  • Rivets – Copper and stainless layers are riveted together for structural integrity under high heat.

When properly cared for with sensible cooking practices, a Mauviel copper pan can literally last decades and become a family heirloom. Many of their pieces are still in use after 70+ years.

While a stainless steel pan can be thrown in the dishwasher or scrubbed with abrasives, Mauviel requires gentler hand cleaning. The tin lining in particular should be treated with care. But the payoff is a lifetime of unparalleled cooking performance.

Comparing the Mauviel Cookware Lines

With a company as storied as Mauviel, it can get confusing to decipher the differences across their many copper cookware collections. Here we break down the key product lines to consider:


The premium flagship line, M’Heritage features 2.5mm thick copper for optimal heat conductivity. It’s hand-hammered finish delivers visual appeal reminiscent of antique French copperware. Interior tin lining is applied without use of electrical current to prevent overheating the thin copper. Prices range from $200 for a 1.8qt saucepan to $500+ for larger stockpots and roasting pans. Ideal for dedicated cooks seeking the best of the best.

“These Mauviel copper pans are like driving a high performance sports car – so responsive and finely tuned.” – Samantha R., home cook


A more affordable version of M’Heritage, M’Passion uses 2.0mm copper at a lower price point while retaining Exceptional performance. Instead of hand-hammering, the exterior is polished to a smooth finish that’s easier to maintain. An excellent option for those desiring authentic Mauviel copper at an approachable investment level. Prices range from $100 – $350.

“I can’t believe the bargain I got on my M’Passion skillet – it’s become my go-to for perfectly seared steaks.” – Mark T., home cook


The M250 line represents the entry point into Mauviel copper, using 1.2mm gauge copper and a more simplified design. While not as substantial as the higher tiers, the M250 skillet I tested still performed leaps and bounds better than my old stainless pans. Retailing between $70 – $140, it’s a nice introduction to elevated copper cooking.

“I was able to afford my first Mauviel copper pan thanks to the reasonable M250 line. A revelation for cooking eggs!” Monica G., home cook

Copper+ Stainless Steel Mix

In their Copper+ collection, Mauviel combines copper disc layers with stainless steel to bridge the gap between optimal heat conductivity and easier maintenance. Models like the Copper+ Saute Pan offer a copper core base encapsulated by stainless sides and lid. A great compromise for home cooks who want some copper benefits without the added copper maintenance. Priced from $100 – $250.

“I love the copper boost the disc base gives my sauces and vegetables, and the stainless exterior takes away any anxiety over caring for copper.” – Sara K., home cook

Key Considerations for Choosing Your Mauviel Set

Once you’ve settled on a preferred Mauviel line based on your budget, there are a few additional factors to weigh when selecting your ideal cookware set:

  • Your cooking style – what types of cooking will you primarily be doing? Searing steaks and meats? Simmering sauces or boiling pasta? Frying eggs? Soups and stocks? Match your pieces to how you’ll use them.
  • Pot & pan sizes – Mauviel offers an extensive range from 1.2qt saucepans up to 5.3qt casserole pots. Choose sizes to suit one or two person cooking vs family meals.
  • Lids & handles – Lids help food retain moisture and heat. Helper handles facilitate lifting larger pots. Evaluate if you require these extras or want the simplest pieces.
  • Individual vs Sets – You can purchase Mauviel cookware individually for maximum flexibility or in coordinated sets to cover all your bases.

Take time to consider your unique needs and preferences to create your ideal Mauviel cookware collection customized to how you cook.

Testing the Even Heating Ability

The biggest claim of copper cookware is its ability to heat evenly without hot spots. To put Mauviel to the test, I cooked omelettes, risottos, and milk-based sauces – foods notorious for scorching if pan heating is uneven.

Time after time, my Mauviel pans passed with flying colors, delivering perfectly cooked results. Not a single scorched risotto, overcooked egg, or scalded sauce in the batch. The copper evenly distributed heat so gently and uniformly to create the ideal cooking environment.

In contrast, my old stainless steel sauté pan consistently develops hotter areas that lead to burning. The difference is undeniable – Mauviel’s copper offers a pan that finally heats as evenly and responsively as gas burner flames.

For finicky foods or cooks needing precise control, copper really is a game changer. The even heating ability paired with instant heat flux makes cooking not just consistent, but fun and creative. It’s a testament to why great chefs swear by it.

Is Mauviel Worth the Investment?

There’s no denying Mauviel copper cookware comes at a premium price. It can be hard to justify $200+ for a single pan. But offered the following advice after cooking extensively with Mauviel:

Buy the single Mauviel pan in the size you will use the most – whether that’s a go-to skillet, sauce pot or sauteuse. Focus on one high performing pan suited for your cooking style rather than an entire set.

Given proper care and maintenance, that pan will outlive multiple cheaper sets and reward you with a lifetime of copper’s benefits. When looked at as a long term investment in your cooking experience, Mauviel delivers excellent value. Go for your most used size and consider it a kitchen heirloom.

Start with an entry level M250 or Copper+ piece – If the upfront price still gives you pause, try one of Mauviel’s more affordable copper options first, like a saucepan from the M250 line. This lets you trial copper benefits without the huge investment. You can always upgrade later once you confirm it improves your cooking.

Comparison shop – While Mauviel commands premium pricing, deals can be found at retailers like Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma and Amazon. Look for sales, open box discounts or slightly cosmetic imperfections that lower the price for an otherwise flawless pan. With some hunting, you can land a deal on this quality cookware.

When cared for properly, prioritizing quality over quantity of pieces, and buying at competitive pricing, Mauviel copper is a worthy investment that will elevate your cooking for a lifetime.

Our Final Take – Who is Mauviel Best For?

After comprehensively testing Mauviel across a range of lines and speaking with numerous owners, our verdict is…

Mauviel copper cookware is ideal for cooking enthusiasts, professionals, or anyone ready to upgrade from entry-level pots and pans. For those passionate about food, Mauviel unlocks a level of mastery and control to take your skills to the next level.

The responsive heat flux, even heating, and refined French craftsmanship make these pots and pans a joy to cook with. Food just seems to taste better from the clean delivery of heat.

Cooks wanting to master delicate dishes and finicky techniques will find the precise control needed in Mauviel. Eggs, custom sauces, seafood, and more come out perfect every time.

Those not ready to practice proper copper care or on a tight budget may want to opt for lower maintenance stainless or ceramic cookware. While offering conduction benefits, copper does need some TLC and inspection to keep it tip-top.

At the end of the day, Mauviel copper represents a pinnacle of cooking performance like a top athlete finely honing their physique. It’s for those wanting to push their culinary skills to the next level through the finest French craftsmanship.


We hope this guide offered an in-depth look at whether Mauviel’s storied French copper cookware is right for your kitchen. While certainly an investment, when properly cared for, these pans deliver a lifetime of unmatched responsiveness and control.

The even heating, instant temperature flux, and durable construction make Mauviel a true cook’s cookware. For the chef ready to upgrade beyondentry-level pots and pans, Mauviel unlocks a new level of mastery to take their skills to the next tier.

When you’re ready to test the benefits of copper cookware yourself, we recommend starting with one go-to pan size from an approachable line like M250. Add to your collection over time as budget allows. Cook, experiment, and enjoy the journey mastering Mauviel’s timeless craft. Bon appétit!

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