Ancona Range Reviews In 2023 (The Ultimate Guide)

An Ancona range is one of the most highly anticipated kitchen appliances, not only by homeowners but also by restaurant owners and chefs. There are many different types of ranges to choose from and models to consider, making it difficult to narrow down which type of range is right for you.

We’ve put together this review of the 5 best Ancona ranges to make an informed purchase that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Ancona Range Reviews (Top 5)

1-Ancona 48″ 6.7 cu. Ft Double Oven Dual Fuel Range with 8 Burners

Ancona 48" 6.7 cu. Ft Double Oven Dual Fuel Range with 8 Burners

This 48-inch Ancona range has a lot to offer. It’s got a 4-sided stainless steel body, double ovens, and an easy-to-clean enamel base. With its entire stainless steel body and double convection oven, you can roast food faster than ever!

The Ancona range allows you to cook with gas or electricity, so if you’re looking for something that will work in any kitchen, this is your best bet. You can get it in white and black trim, which looks great against any other color scheme.

With eight Italian-made DEFENDI burners, you’ll receive increased thermal conductivity and radiating heat (2 x 6,000 BTU, 2 x 9,000 BTU, 2 x 12,000 BTU). The electronic ignition system will automatically re-ignite when needed without fail.

With natural gas/electricity hookup included in this package deal, you’ll be able to use gas and electricity without worrying about converting one over into another or paying extra for it separately.

You also get cast iron pan supports on this range because they help protect your dishes from warping during cooking sessions and are easy to clean.


  • Beautiful, stainless steel design
  • Preheated burners on top of the oven
  • Durable and built to last
  • Ancona’s patented technology with 8 burners, 2 ovens, and a griddle makes this one of the best options!


  • Requires an electrical outlet (not included)
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2-Ancona 36″ 5.2 cu. Ft. Dual Fuel Range with 6 Burners (ancona 36 gas range review)

Ancona 36" 5.2 cu. Ft. Dual Fuel Range with 6 Burners

This Ancona Range is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do! This range offers 6 burners for better roasting and baking, plus a convection oven to make everything from soups to cakes delicious.

The great thing about this range is that you get all of these features at an affordable price. It’s not just affordable—it’s also incredibly efficient and easy to use.

We love this range’s clean lines and modern look, as well as its sturdy construction. The black steel body is sturdy enough for everyday use but still elegant enough to match any decor in your home or office.


  • Durable, heavy-duty design
  • 6 burners provide more cooking options and flexibility
  • Large capacity oven for baking and roasting
  • Digital clock with timer, cooking mode, and keep warm features


  • The fan can be loud when using the oven
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3-Ancona 30″ 4.2 cu. Ft. Dual Fuel Range with 4 Burners (ancona electric range reviews)

Ancona 30" 4.2 cu. Ft. Dual Fuel Range with 4 Burners

With four Italian-made DEFENDI burners and a convection oven, this range will provide you with fast, even roasting and baking. The glass door makes monitoring your food as it cooks easy, and the natural gas/electricity conversion kit means you can use the range with any utility provider.

The Ancona 30” 4.2 cu. Ft. Dual Fuel Range with 4 Burners has an impressive 4-sided stainless steel body and bold steel control knobs for a modern look that will add elegance to your kitchen space. The oven interior is black trim with an entire 4-sided stainless steel body, so you can be sure that your food is being cooked safely and evenly every time.

Ancona Range is also made from cast iron pan supports and an easy-to-clean black enamel base so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of cooking without having to worry about cleaning up spills or residues left behind after cooking meals for yourself or others who might be using your kitchen at any given time of day or night (or both!).


  • Has 4 burners so you can cook for a crowd or just one person
  • The oven comes with a timer, so you can set it and forget it
  • It’s easy to clean, and the glass top is easy to keep clean


  • It’s not induction compatible, so you’ll have to buy an additional $50 appliance to use the electric burner
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4-Ancona 2-piece 36″ Gas Range (ancona gas range review)

Ancona 2-piece 36" Gas Range

It’s easy to see why the Ancona 2-piece 36″ Gas Range is one of the most popular ranges on the market. This range is designed for performance and style with an extraordinary 147.25 L (5.2 cu. ft.) oven capacity and an entire 4-sided stainless steel body.

The blue-trim oven interior will impress even the most discerning cooks. At the same time, the bold steel control knobs make it easy to operate your oven in any situation.

The Ancona line also includes a convection oven for faster and more even roasting and baking, as well as 6 Italian-made DEFENDI burners that improve thermal conductivity and increase radiating heat for faster cooking time and better results.

The electronic ignition with auto re-ignition system allows you to start your range quickly so you can get back in the kitchen without delay.

Finally, you’ll love how cast iron grates and an easy-to-clean black enamel base make cleaning up after a busy day of cooking a breeze.


  • The Ancona 36″ gas range has electronic ignition, so you won’t have to worry about a pilot light getting out of control
  • It has a double oven that can cook up to 36 quarts of food at once
  • The Ancona 2-piece 36″ Gas Range has two ovens and two burners for even more cooking options


  • The oven is not as large as some other ranges in its class
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5-Ancona 2-piece 48″ Gas Range

Ancona 2-piece 48" Gas Range

The Ancona 2-piece 48″ Gas Range combines a sleek and contemporary design with an impressive array of features that make it perfect for any kitchen.

The free-standing range features one oven that can be used to cook or bake and another oven for broiling. Both have to defrost options and can be used together or separately. It also has dual convection ovens so that you can prepare two dishes simultaneously!

The range also comes with 8 Italian-made DEFENDI burners, allowing you to choose between different cooking styles, such as grilling or baking. The ignition system includes electronic ignition with auto-reignition, so you’ll never have to worry about fire again!

The cast iron grates and easy-to-clean black enamel base make cleaning your pots after use a breeze. And if you’re looking for more space in your kitchen? You’ll love the removable heavy-duty reversible Griddle/Grill—it can double as a grill!


  • Tested to work with many different types of cookware, including induction, glass, and ceramic
  • Stays cool to the touch, even after hours of use
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not detected any con
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What To Keep In Mind When Buying An Ancona Range?

There are many things to consider when looking for a new Ancona Range.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a new Ancona Range :

Size of your new Ancona Range – The size of your new Ancona Range will determine what size oven you need and how much space it can take up in your kitchen. You should also factor in the amount of wall space you have available and what other appliances you may have already installed.

Energy efficiency – The energy efficiency rating of your new oven is essential for several reasons: it’s an indication of how efficient the unit is, which means less heat waste and lower electric bills; it allows you to compare different models based on their energy efficiency ratings, and it provides information about how long an oven will last before requiring expensive repairs and maintenance costs.

Cooking – When looking at different types of cooking equipment, it’s essential to determine what type of food you’ll be cooking most often so you can select a model that suits your needs best. For example, suppose you’re only making small amounts of food like muffins or cookies all day. In that case, a single large oven may suffice, but if you prefer baking more complex items like cakes and breads, you should go with a double oven.

Ancona Range Hood Installation (How To Do It Right Way)

It’s time to install your new range hood.

Installing a range hood is not as difficult as you might think. It only takes a few simple steps and only takes a few minutes at most.

You must remove the old range hood to install an ancona range hood. Then, you will need to remove the old exhaust ducts and clean them before installing new ducts. You can remove the grills or baffles used to direct the airflow. You can do this by removing screws or unscrewing them from the grill or baffle. After that, you can install your new ancona range hood without problems.

1. Unscrew the screws on the top of your range hood and remove the cover plate.

2. Remove the existing ductwork in your kitchen and put it aside for now.

3. Locate the new grille, which should be included with your new range hood, and place it over the opening at the top of your existing ductwork.

4. Attach the grille to your existing ductwork with screws or bolts that match those used to secure it in the first place.

5. Screw on any additional parts required for your installation, such as a light or fan, before reinstalling your cover plate and turning everything back together!

 Where Are Ancona Range Hoods Made?

We know you’ve probably heard this before, but we want to ensure you get the full story of how Ancona Range Hoods are made. All of our products are made in London, UK—from design to manufacturing and beyond.

We believe that a company should be able to provide its products from start to finish within its borders. This allows us to take advantage of the local talent and resources available in our city and provide jobs for local residents who rely on this industry for their livelihoods.

The Final Words

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on the Ancona Range. We’re always thrilled to hear when one of our blog posts can provide helpful information to our readers.

Please feel free to browse our other blog posts on our website. If you have any other questions or concerns about the Ancona Range, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading!

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