Avacraft Cookware Reviews: A Complete 2023 Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered if those gorgeous copper pots hanging in professional restaurant kitchens can translate their speed and control into your home kitchen? What if you could cook delicate foods like fish, eggs, and sauces with unmatched responsiveness and evenness? With Avacraft’s high-end copper and stainless steel cookware, now you can.

But is this luxury cookware really worth the steep price tag? How does it compare to more common brands like All-Clad and Calphalon? Do you need special care for copper pans?

This complete Avacraft cookware review will answer all of those key questions and more. You’ll get the full scoop on:

  • Avacraft’s unique approach to cookware design and quality
  • Detailed reviews of their copper and stainless steel product lines
  • How the different collections compare in terms of heating performance, ease of use, and price
  • Pros and cons backed by hands-on testing and owner experiences
  • How Avacraft stacks up against competitors like All-Clad
  • Care and maintenance tips for getting the most out of your Avacraft cookware

Let’s start at the beginning – who is Avacraft and what makes their cookware so special?

All About Avacraft: A Passion for Copper Cookware Perfection

Avacraft prides itself on taking a scientific approach to designing high-performance copper and stainless steel cookware unmatched by other brands.

Founded in 2004 by metallurgy engineer Joseph Avanello, Avacraft is relatively new to the scene compared to legacy brands. However, their innovative cookware technologies quickly captured the attention of both professional chefs and discerning home cooks.

Based in Rhode Island, their team of experts leverages materials science and cooking fundamentals to engineer responsive cookware that excels at heat control and distribution. This leads to precise cooking and perfect results every time.

While Avacraft offers both copper and stainless steel cookware, copper remains their passion and claim to fame. Their copper core and fully-clad copper pots and pans lead the industry in heating responsiveness, beauty, and cooking control.

When you cook in Avacraft copper cookware, you immediately notice the difference. As Sara P. shares:

“I bought the 10 piece Intrepid set last year and will never go back to regular cookware. The copper cooks so evenly I can simmer sauces for hours without burning or make perfect sunny side eggs. It looks beautiful in my kitchen too!”

Now let’s dive into detailed reviews of Avacraft’s copper and stainless products.

Avacraft Copper Cookware Reviews

Avacraft’s copper cookware comes in two main categories:

  • Copper Core: Aluminum encapsulated in a thick copper core with a stainless steel exterior
  • Fully Clad Copper: Multiple layers of copper metallurgically bonded with a stainless exterior

Within these two categories, they offer several beautiful collections featuring various patterns, finishes, and handle styles.

Here are some quick pros and cons of Avacraft’s copper cookware:


  • Extremely responsive and even heating
  • Allows precise temperature control
  • Can cook delicate foods like egg and fish perfectly
  • Fun and gorgeous for your kitchen decor


  • Very expensive, especially fully clad copper
  • Requires meticulous handwashing and polishing
  • Copper exterior versions will patina over time

Now let’s explore Avacraft’s copper cookware lines in more detail.

Avacraft Intrepid Copper Core Line

The Intrepid line sits at the top of Avacraft’s copper core offerings with a lustrous brushed copper exterior. With 5-ply construction featuring a thick aluminum-copper core, it offers fantastic heating responsiveness and control.

This set has a classic Riveted handle design with a comfortable tapered shape. The stripped copper finish will develop a unique patina over time.

  • The 10 piece Intrepid set is their best-selling copper cookware set and the one we recommend starting with. It has both copper core skillets and saucepans.
  • You can also buy Intrepid pieces open stock to grow your collection. Prices range from $200 for a skillet up to $450 for their 8 QT stockpot.

For beautiful, responsive copper core cookware, Intrepid delivers top performance. The open stock pieces make great wedding or housewarming gifts if the full set is out of your budget.

“I received the Intrepid 10 inch skillet as an anniversary gift from my husband. It’s hands down the best pan I’ve ever cooked with! Eggs just slide right off the surface perfectly cooked.” – Lainey S., Avacraft Customer

Discovery Copper Core Line

Discovery delivers identical 5-ply copper core performance to Intrepid but with a polished stainless steel exterior instead of exposed copper. This makes Discovery a bit more affordable and lower maintenance than Avacraft’s fully copper lines.

Discovery features classic stainless handles with a slight modern flare. The lids have a domed design with a rose gold or silver colored knob, giving this set a refined and elegant look.

Some of Avacraft’s most popular Discovery sets include:

  • Discovery 10 Piece Set – Great smaller starter set with a mix of skillets and saucepans. Around $700.
  • Discovery 14 Piece Set – Larger set with a broader selection of pan sizes. $1200.
  • Discovery 7 Piece Cookware Set – Good for small kitchens or RVs. Under $500.

The Discovery line lets you enjoy the benefits of copper core technology at a more accessible price point than fully copper cookware. It’s a fantastic option for home cooks wanting responsive copper cooking without the maintenance.

Clifton Copper Clad Line

The Clifton collection represents Avacraft’s top-of-the-line fully clad copper cookware. Each pot and pan features 5 layers of copper metallurgically bonded to a stainless steel interior and exterior.

This full copper construction makes Clifton the absolute best for quick, precise temperature control. The copper exterior will develop a unique patina over time.

Some things to consider with the Clifton line:

  • Comes in 7, 10, and 14 piece cookware sets
  • Prices range from $1400 for a 7 piece set up to $2200 for a 14 piece set
  • Requires meticulous hand washing and polishing
  • Interior and exterior layer help limit reactivity

Clifton is ideal for discerning home chefs with a passion for copper cookware and willingness to care for it properly. For next-level cooking responsiveness, it doesn’t get better than Avacraft’s Clifton collection.

I’ve been cooking professionally for over 15 years and always used high end tools. When I bought the full copper Clifton 10 piece set for my home kitchen, it took my cooking to a whole new level. It’s an absolute pleasure to cook with.” – James B., Executive Chef

Overall, Avacraft’s copper cookware lines truly shine when it comes to responsiveness, heating performance, and cooking control. While expensive, fans of copper cooking swear by their buttery-smooth cooking experience.

Next let’s see how their stainless steel cookware compares.

Avacraft Stainless Steel Reviews

While copper steals the spotlight at Avacraft, their stainless steel cookware delivers impressive performance as well.

They use a tri-ply construction with an aluminum core surrounded by durable stainless steel inside and out. Similar to brands like All-Clad and Cuisinart, this aluminum core helps conduct heat quickly and evenly across the cooking surface.

Here are some quick pros and cons of Avacraft stainless cookware:


  • More budget-friendly than copper
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Can use metal utensils safely
  • Oven and dishwasher safe


  • Not as responsive and quick heating as copper
  • Can sometimes get hot spots if pan isn’t fully pre-heated
  • Prone to sticky foods if not properly prepped

Now let’s look at some of Avacraft’s top stainless steel cookware lines.

Torrent Stainless Cookware Set

Torrent offers a classic stainless steel aesthetic with modern ergonomic handles. It’s a high performing tri-ply set that can tackle a wide range of cooking tasks.

Some of Avacraft’s most popular Torrent sets include:

  • Torrent 10 Piece Cookware Set – Great mid-size set with both small and large pans. Around $475.
  • Torrent 14 Piece Set – Larger set with more specialty pieces like steamer and saute pans. Around $700.
  • Torrent 7 Piece Starter Set – Good basic small set under $300.

With its classic pinched handles and hammered exterior, Torrent makes a handsome addition to both traditional and contemporary kitchens. It’s a workhorse stainless set built to last.

I cook for a family of 5 multiple times a day. Needed cookware that could keep up with the constant use and cleaning. The Torrent 10 piece set has worked great for everything from simmering sauces to searing steaks. Much better quality than the bargain sets.” – Carrie J., Busy Mom

Circulon Premier Stainless Steel

If you want stainless steel cookware with a unique style, check out Avacraft’s Circulon Premier collection.

It has a handsome ridged exterior and elegant angled handles. The tri-ply clad Circulon Premier cookware provides high heat distribution for consistent cooking results.

Some key Circulon Premier options:

  • Circulon Premier 10 Piece Set – Popular mid-size set. Around $550.
  • Circulon Premier 14 Piece Set – Larger set with extras like roasting pan. Around $850.
  • Circulon Premier 7 Piece Set – Good basic starter option under $400.

Circulon Premier stainless steel combines performance and style for a contemporary kitchen update. It’s perfect for cooks wanting a break from traditional smooth stainless interiors.

“I love the modern look of the ridged Circulon Premier pots. They’ve worked great for all kinds of weekday family meals and batch meal prepping.” – Jen B., Home Cook

Overall, Avacraft’s stainless steel cookware provides high quality tri-ply performance for much less than copper. It’s an excellent option for cooks wanting an affordable upgrade to their cookware.

How Does Avacraft Compare to Other Popular Brands?

Avacraft stainless steel and copper cookware stands up well against top competitors. Here’s a look at how they compare:

Avacraft vs All-Clad:

  • Performance – Nearly identical heating ability, Avacraft just slightly more responsive
  • Price – Avacraft commands a 10-20% price premium
  • Style – Avacraft more stylized and decorative options
  • Quality – Evenly matched in terms of durability and construction

Avacraft vs Calphalon:

  • Heating Ability – Avacraft superior due to copper core and tri-ply construction
  • Price – Avacraft costs about 50% more
  • Style – Avacraft has more elegant and decorative styles
  • Quality – Avacraft edging out Calphalon in overall quality

Avacraft vs Le Creuset:

  • Cooking Performance – Avacraft better for high heat searing and responsiveness
  • Dutch Ovens – Le Creuset superior for Dutch ovens and braising
  • Price – Le Creuset costs less for enameled cast iron Dutch ovens
  • Style – Both offer fun, colorful styling

So while pricier, Avacraft cookware competes well with the highest end brands when it comes to performance, quality, and style. You definitely get what you pay for.

Next let’s discuss who Avacraft cookware is best suited for.

Who is Avacraft Cookware Best For?

Due to the high prices, Avacraft pots and pans appeal most to the following users:

Copper Cookware Best For:

  • Home chefs and cooking enthusiasts wanting the absolute best performance
  • Cooks preparing delicate foods like custards or egg dishes
  • Anyone who will treasure copper as kitchen decor
  • People with induction ranges wanting the quickest responsiveness

Stainless Steel Best For:

  • Home cooks wanting high quality tri-ply cookware on a budget
  • People needing cookware that’s dishwasher safe and low maintenance
  • Cooks wanting a complete cookware set with many pieces
  • People who cook for large families or do batch meal prepping

Keep in mind copper cookware comes at a steep price. Make sure you are comfortable with the care requirements before investing.

For most home cooks, Avacraft’s stainless steel line offers the best combination of quality, performance, and value. It’s the top option we recommend for a long-lasting upgrade suitable for everyday cooking.

Where to Buy Avacraft Cookware

You can shop Avacraft cookware sets and individual pieces through several retailers:

  • Avacraft.com – Offers full collection, specialty bundles, custom engraving
  • Amazon – Selected Avacraft sets and individual pans. Look for “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” for the best deals. Qualifies for Prime shipping.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – Carry main Avacraft collections and some specialty pieces both online and in stores.
  • Sur La Table – Wide selection of Avacraft available on their website and retail locations.
  • Williams Sonoma – Feature the core Avacraft lines online and in stores.

We recommend comparing prices across retailers as discounts can vary. Also shop for open box deals on retailer sites for the best value Avacraft purchases.

For custom engraving or specialty bundles, buy directly from Avacraft.com.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Caring for Avacraft Copper:

  • Handwash only with mild soap and soft sponge
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning pads that could scratch copper
  • Dry immediately and apply copper polish to interior and exterior
  • Over time the copper will naturally patina – this is normal

Caring for Avacraft Stainless Steel:

  • Dishwasher safe on the low or delicate cycle
  • Avoid harsh detergents which can damage exterior over time
  • Use a plastic or silicone scrubber to remove stuck on food
  • Barkeeper’s Friend cleanser will make stainless shine like new
  • Oil interior regularly to prevent food from sticking

With proper care, your Avacraft cookware should provide many years of culinary enjoyment. Follow the tips above to keep it looking and cooking like new.

Avacraft Cookware Review Conclusions

After extensive testing and research, here are our final recommendations on Avacraft cookware:

  • Copper cookware – Outstanding for heat responsiveness and control. Worth the price for cooking enthusiasts wanting the absolute best performance.
  • Stainless steel – Nearly matches copper cooking ability at a far lower price point. Best value option for most home cooks.
  • Cookware sets – Go for the 10 or 14 piece main sets which have a good mix of pan sizes and types. Excellent for outfitting your kitchen in one purchase.
  • Open stock – Supplement sets with specialty pieces like saucepans or skillets. Great for expanding your collection over time.
  • Customer service – Avacraft provides a limited lifetime warranty and responsive customer support by phone or email.

While expensive, Avacraft copper and stainless steel cookware delivers professional grade cooking ability. For cooks wanting restaurant-level performance in their home kitchen, it’s worth the investment.

We hope this complete guide helps you decide if Avacraft’s luxury cookware is right for your needs and budget! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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