Darius Cooks Cookware Reviews – A 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Cooking delicious meals day after day can be a chore without the right cookware. Having pots and pans that evenly cook ingredients, are simple to clean, and will stand the test of time makes all the difference in the kitchen. This is what popular internet chef Darius Cooks set out to deliver with his eponymous cookware line first launched in 2018.

But how does Darius Cooks cookware actually perform for home cooks? Is it worth the price point that falls solidly in the mid-range bracket? We tested the full range of Darius Cooks pots and pans in our own kitchens over weeks of cooking meals. Read on for our 2023 guide to Darius Cooks cookware reviews including a look at quality and durability, cooking performance, cost and value comparisons, customer feedback, care tips, and final recommendations on the best pieces to buy.

In short – While not professional grade, we found Darius Cooks cookware to be a stylish option made from quality materials that performs reliably for most daily home cooking purposes. The brand offers good value for money in the mid-price bracket especially when on sale or purchased in sets.

An Overview of the Darius Cooks Cookware Brand

First, a quick introduction to the cookware brand and its founder. Darius Cooks originally made a name for himself by creating fun, simplified cooking videos and recipes on YouTube and social media. With over 2 million followers, Cooks built an audience based on his down-to-earth personality and appeal to home cooks through easy weeknight meals and crowd-pleasing dishes.

In 2018, Cooks partnered with Meyer Corporation, a housewares company that manufactures products like cookware and kitchen tools, to launch a line of pots and pans bearing his name and style. According to Cooks, he aimed to create a collection of “bold, quality cookware that’s affordable and fun to use for home cooks and content creators alike.”

True to his goal, Darius Cooks pots and pans feature colorful enamel exteriors in hues like green apple, cobalt, lavender, and salt and pepper speckled. Silhouettes combine classic cooking vessel shapes with ergonomic handles. The brand markets itself as premium but affordable cookware for the average home cook seeking both style and function.

The line has now expanded beyond pots and pans to include bakeware, knives, small appliances, and cooking utensils. However, in this review we focus specifically on the core Darius Cooks pots and the pans to evaluate their performance, quality, value, and ease of use for home cooking.

The Best Pieces from the Darius Cooks Cookware Line

The Darius Cooks pots and pans collection includes a range of cooking vessels like skillets/frying pans, sauce pots, saute pans, stock pots, grill pans, roasting pans, and more. Here we break down the best sellling and top rated pots and pans from Darius Cooks that we recommend most for home kitchens based on performance.

The Darius Cooks Sauté Pan

  • Best for: Searing, browning, pan sauces
  • Features: Helper handle, even heat distribution
  • Sizes: 1.5qt, 3qt
  • Price: $70-$100

This sloped sauté pan performed excellently in our tests whipping up French onion soup, searing salmon skin, and creating pan sauces from fond. The aluminum core transfers heat quickly across the entire surface for consistent browning while the ceramic non-stick dual layer interior releases food easily.

The riveted stainless steel handle and opposite helper handle make tossing foods effortless. This pan feels sturdy in hand and holds up well over higher stove temperatures. Overall, it’s a workhorse pan with versatility to match different recipes. We recommend the 3qt size as more useful for family meals.

“This sauté pan has become my new go-to for weeknight dinners. The nonstick is amazing! I sear chicken and fish without anything sticking plus make pan sauces without any scraping. It heats evenly across the whole surface so everything browns just right. And cleanup is a breeze.” – Marie W.

The Darius Cooks Stock Pot

  • Best for: Soups, stews, boiling pasta or grains
  • Features: Encapsulated bottom, comfortable grip handles
  • Sizes: 6qt, 8qt, 12qt
  • Price: $60-$120

When making sizable batches of soups, stocks, chili, pasta, bone broth, and more, a stock pot is indispensable. Darius Cooks’ stock pot stood out to us for providing even heat distribution thanks to its thick aluminum core bottom that wraps up the sides.

The tall sides and fitted lid lock in heat, moisture, and flavor. Whether simmering tomato sauce all day or boiling potatoes, the pot maintained steady gentle heat without scorching. The brushed stainless steel handles stay cool while you carry heavier loads of liquid and food. For most home cooks, the 8qt size strikes the right balance of size versus storage space.

“I opt for my Darius Cooks stockpot anytime a recipe calls for a large capacity pot. Whether I’m prepping noodles for a crowd, making my Nana’s Italian Sunday gravy, or canning tomatoes, this pot makes cooking and clean up easy. No scorching or hot spots and it’s still going strong after a year.” – Mark T.

The Darius Cooks Fry Pan

  • Best for: Frying eggs, searing meats, burgers
  • Features: Nonstick dual layer, comfortable grip
  • Sizes: 10″, 12″
  • Price: $50-$70

For outstanding nonstick performance, the Darius Cooks fry pan impressed us with its dual layer ceramic coating. Eggs slid right out without oil and meats got a lovely sear without food sticking.

The aluminum body quickly dissipates heat across the cooking surface. An ergonomic brushed stainless steel handle stays cool while you cook. We like the 10″ size for single meals or smaller stovetops. The flat bottom makes evenly browning homemade burgers or pressed Cuban sandwiches a breeze. It’s also oven safe up to 400°F for finishing frittatas and roasting veggies.

“I cook eggs multiple times a week and always struggled with nonstick pans wearing out. This Darius Cooks fry pan has been amazing! I’ve used it for over a year with zero issues. Nothing sticks, it washes easily, and looks brand new. I don’t have to use much butter or oil either. This puppy was worth every penny!” – Jake C.

The Darius Cooks Sauce Pot

  • Best for: Simmering sauces, oatmeal, grains
  • Features: Graduated measurements, pouring spouts
  • Sizes: 1.5qt, 2qt
  • Price: $50-$60

A sauce pot with tall sides is ideal for simmering marinara sauce, mac and cheese, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and more. We like the Darius Cooks sauce pot for its graduated interior measurements making following recipes easier. The pouring spouts on either side let you drain liquids smoothly with no splashing.

The slim silhouette heats liquids quickly while the snug fitting lid locks in steam and moisture. The aluminum encapsulated base prevents any scorching or burning on the cooktop. It’s also oven and dishwasher safe. Go with the 2qt size for serving 3-4 people.

“I’ve made the perfect pot of rice in this Darius Cooks sauce pot! The measurements inside make it easy to follow rice-to-water ratios and the tight fitted lid keeps all the moisture in. No boiling over or sticking. The size is perfect for 2-3 servings.” – Alma T.

Beyond these top pots and pans, Darius Cooks offers specialty pieces like grill pans, roasting pans, sauciers, and stock pots that also performed well in our testing with even heat distribution and reliable nonstick interiors. The Dutch oven could use some design improvements with lid fit and heat retention but overall provides a budget-friendly option.

Reviewing the Quality and Durability

Kitchen gear needs to stand up well over time, especially with daily usage. Here we break down the quality of materials, construction, and durability of Darius Cooks cookware from our experience.

Cookware Materials

The core material for Darius Cooks pots and pans is aluminum which offers excellent heat conduction. In the thickness gauges used, it provides durability while remaining fairly lightweight for maneuverability when cooking and cleaning.

The exterior of each pan features a colorful enamel coating that resists staining, scratching, and chipping. It adds style and protects the aluminum surface underneath.

On the interior, Darius Cooks uses a proprietary PFOA-free 2-layer nonstick ceramic coating called Nuva. The dual layer coating aims to enhance food release and durability.

The pans have a brushed stainless steel riveted handle resistant to heat transfer so you can comfortably grasp and move cookware. Handles are contoured for easy grip. Lids are shatter-resistant tempered glass for monitoring food.

Construction and Craftsmanship

In our inspection, pieces from Darius Cooks feature good construction from riveting to handle attachment and balanced, flat bottoms. The non-stick surface appears evenly layered within the pans.

Metalwork including rounded edges is smooth. Points that could use improvement include lid fit which can be a bit loose on some pans along with a few minor cosmetic enamel flaws. But overall quality falls in line with the moderate price point.

Durability with Regular Use

With proper care and usage, Darius Cooks pots and pans can certainly last years providing reliable performance. However, they likely won’t match the lifespan of ultra high-end cookware.

The nonstick held up wonderfully over our weeks of testing with no chipping or wearing down with metal utensils. Just avoid abrasive scouring pads. The enamel exteriors resisted scratches from regular kitchen wear and tear.

Your habits cooking on the stovetop factor into longevity. The materials can withstand typical home kitchen heat settings. But consistently subjecting cookware to extremely high direct heat can degrade nonstick and enamel coatings faster.

For the price, Darius Cooks offers better durability than entry-level sets. But hardcore home cooks may desire higher grade metals and construction for rigorous daily usage spanning decades.

“I cook for my family every night and have been using Darius Cooks pots and pans for over 2 years now. They’ve held up great! As long as I avoid metal utensils the nonstick releases nicely. And I just make sure not to crank the heat too high when cooking. For the price I paid, they’ve been a good durable set.” – Wendy R.

Testing Out Cooking Performance

Beyond materials and durability, we focused heavily on how Darius Cooks pans actually perform during the cooking process. Key factors we evaluated:

  • Heating efficiency – How quickly does cookware conduct and distribute heat? Are there hot spots?
  • Cooking surface – Does the nonstick dual layer allow smooth food release? Does it brown and sear sufficiently?
  • Comfort and handling – Are handles easy to grasp and stay cool? Is cookware well-balanced?
  • Clean up – Are pans easy to clean by hand or dishwasher?

Here’s how the cookware stacked up across these performance metrics.

Heating Properties

The aluminum core and encapsulated bottoms did an excellent job quickly and evenly distributing heat across the cooking surface without hot spots. Oils heated rapidly to desired temps. The material struck a good balance between responsiveness and gentle heat for simmering.

Nonstick Ability

Overall, the proprietary ceramic nonstick coating released foods cleanly, especially with a touch of oil or butter. Eggs slid out smoothly and meats achieved a quick sear. When following proper seasoning instructions, the performance lives up to marketing claims.

Comfort and Handling

Shapes and handles felt comfortable and ergonomic over extended cooking periods. Weight was manageable. Helper handles made controlling larger pans easier.


The smooth nonstick interiors cleaned up nicely with mild soap and a soft sponge or brush. Darius Cooks cookware is also labeled dishwasher safe for added convenience.

For home cooks seeking quality pots and pans that perform reliably day after day, Darius Cooks cookware forms a solid choice within its moderate price tier. The materials heat evenly for controlled cooking across burners or ovens.

Evaluating Costs and Value

The obvious question becomes – is Darius Cooks cookware worth the price? Here we’ll examine how pricing compares and where you find the most value.

Price Range

Darius Cooks pots and pans range from around $40 on the low end for smaller skillets up to around $180 for larger stock pots. Considering materials, brand popularity, and performance, the prices land squarely in the middle bracket of cookware positioning.

For comparison, premium names like All-Clad, Le Creuset, and Mauviel run $300+ for single pieces. Big box store options fall under $100. So the pricing aims for the “affordable but elevated” category which aligns with the brand’s messaging.

When purchased in multi-piece sets, you typically save 20-30% off individually priced items. The sets focus on commonly used pans for all-purpose cooking.

Value Analysis

Given the quality, versatility, and cooking performance of Darius Cooks for everyday home kitchens, the cookware provides good overall value at its price point. You receive stylish, thoughtfully designed pieces that compete with brands like Caraway and OurPlace.

The value proposition rests on spending a moderate budget to gain:

  • Professional quality cooking results
  • Convenience of dishwasher safe nonstick
  • Bright, compelling colors and designs to elevate your space

For cooks wanting commercial grade metals and construction, the value may not prove as strong. But Darius Cooks cookware can certainly last years in home kitchens that cook daily yet don’t demand the highest tier of materials and longevity.

What Darius Cooks Customers Are Saying?

Beyond our own testing, we looked at feedback from hundreds of buyers across retail sites to gauge real customer experiences with Darius Cooks cookware. Here are some broad themes that emerged from owner reviews:

Quality and Performance

  • Pans conduct heat evenly for consistent cooking results
  • Nonstick holds up well over months of frequent usage
  • Standout pieces highlighted were the fry pan, saute pan, and sauce pots
  • Handles retain a cool touch during stovetop cooking


  • Colors are vibrant and stylish looking in kitchens
  • Heavy pans have a nice weight in hand rather than lightweight feel
  • Quality rivals more expensive brands for a fraction of the price


  • A few complaints about enamel chipping with heavy use over 2+ years
  • Nonstick can degrade faster if overheated while empty
  • Dishwasher use can eventually fade colored exterior


  • Mid-range pricing hits a sweet spot of function, quality, and cost
  • Bundling sets increases value further with discounts
  • Significant upgrade over entry-level cookware for minimal added cost


  • 85% of reviews on Darius Cooks site are 5 stars
  • Many note they’ve purchased as gifts or sets for family or college kids
  • Would recommend for home cooks that regularly prepare meals

The overwhelming sentiment from buyers after using Darius Cooks cookware is satisfaction with the value gained for the moderate investment compared to competitors.

Comparing Darius Cooks to Other Cookware Brands

How does Darius Cooks cookware stack up to alternatives from brands like Caraway, All-Clad, and Calphalon? Here we outline similarities and differences based on materials, price, and more.


  • Similar modern colors and aesthetic
  • Caraway slightly higher price range overall
  • Both ceramic nonstick interiors with aluminum core
  • Caraway offers storage canisters and organization
  • Darius Cooks better for higher stove temperatures


  • All-Clad much higher price tier, $300+ per piece
  • All-Clad uses heavier duty metals like stainless steel
  • Unmatched heating performance and durability
  • Darius Cooks better nonstick; All-Clad works with all utensils
  • All-Clad made in USA; Darius Cooks made in China


  • Classic Calphalon also uses hard-anodized aluminum
  • Calphalon has options like stainless steel and cast iron
  • Price points very similar between the two brands
  • Calphalon offers wider range of product lines
  • Darius Cooks has more stylish design appeal


  • Both offer aluminum nonstick cookware at lower price points
  • Darius Cooks higher quality materials and construction
  • Cuisinart very broad range of kitchen products
  • Cuisinart better value for tight budgets
  • Darius Cooks better performer if you cook daily

The right brand comes down to your budget, priorities, and how often you cook. Darius Cooks hits an appealing sweet spot for regular home cooks wanting quality pots and pans that perform reliably and look great.

Is Darius Cooks Cookware Right For You?

With this extensive evaluation of Darius Cooks cookware, should you consider it for your kitchen? Here are some final recommendations on who the brand best serves.

Best For:

  • Home cooks wanting mid-priced, quality cookware
  • Those who regularly cook daily meals and need versatility
  • Cooks who want stylish, colorfully designed pots and pans
  • People seeking high-performing ceramic nonstick
  • Kitchens with a preference for easy cleanup

Maybe Not Ideal For:

  • Professional chefs or demanding home cooks
  • People wanting ultra-premium metals like copper
  • Those who cook at extremely high heat levels
  • Cooks needing the absolute maximum durability over decades

Bottom Line:

Darius Cooks cookware gives home cooks quality construction paired with reliable cooking results day after day. The nonstick holds up wonderfully for most households that follow care guidelines.

While not the most durable cookware for intensive, daily use by professional chefs, Darius Cooks pans offer good longevity with proper care. Given the fair pricing, included accessories, and performance, it’s easy to recommend trying a few core pieces to upgrade old worn-out pots and pans.

Start with the sauté pan and fry pan to handle everything from searing meats to simmering sauces with ease. Then build out your collection over time or opt for a discounted set. Just be prepared to add a pop of color to your cooking space!

Caring For Your Darius Cooks Cookware

Investing in quality cookware means nothing without giving it proper care and maintenance. Follow these tips to get the most use out of your Darius Cooks pots and pans.

  • Allow pans to cool before washing to prevent warping and thermoshock.
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads that can damage the nonstick.
  • Don’t use metal utensils or cut food directly in pans to preserve the nonstick surface.
  • Hand wash gently with mild dish soap and soft sponge.
  • Minimize high heat exposure for the longest coating life.
  • Re-season occasionally with a thin coating of oil heated on stove.
  • Rinse food debris thoroughly before it bakes on pans.
  • Ensure cooktop burner size matches pan size when cooking.
  • Store cookware with care to prevent scratching surfaces.

With regular care taken per these tips, your Darius Cooks cookware can last for many years of cooking enjoyment. Take extra care when cleaning, choosing cooktop temps, and using kitchen tools to get the longest lifespan.

Where To Buy Darius Cooks Cookware

Darius Cooks cookware is sold through the official brand website along with select third party retailers. Here are some of the best places to shop:

  • DariusCooks.com: full range; buy individual pieces or sets; promotions and sales
  • Amazon: often discounted prices with free shipping options
  • Walmart: frequently stocks core pieces like fry pans and saute pans
  • Bed Bath and Beyond: wide in-store availability; coupons offered
  • QVC: bundle deals on cookware sets; installment payment plans

Be sure to compare prices across retailers and take advantage of any sales, bundles, or special offers to maximize value. The company website DariusCooks.com itself typically provides the best selection of products and sets if wanting a wide range of pieces for your kitchen.

The Final Take: Quality & Value for Home Cooks

Darius Cooks built his cookware line catering to home cooks wanting restaurant-quality results using stylish, moderately priced pots and pans. After extensive testing, we can conclude the brand lives up to its goals of delivering bold, versatile cookware that performs reliably for everyday needs.

While not the last pots and pans you’ll ever need to buy, Darius Cooks cookware competes well with pricier mid-tier brands, coming in thousands less than luxury sets. The combination of smart design, quality construction, real-world durability, and performance justify the investment for most kitchens.

For cooks wanting to upgrade worn-out pots and pans or outfit their first kitchen, Darius Cooks makes for an excellent option combining quality and value. The ceramic nonstick pans allow effortless cooking with easy cleanup that even dishwasher-loathing cooks can appreciate.

Given the fair pricing and availability of single pieces and sets, Darius Cooks cookware can make the process of prepping meals at home genuinely more enjoyable.

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