Dash of That Cookware Review: Our 2023 Ratings for Quality, Performance, and Value

Searching for unbiased, comprehensive reviews of Dash of That’s ceramic nonstick pans and pots before you buy? With so many cookware lines on the market making big claims about quality and performance, it can be tricky to know which brands deliver on their promises.

In short – is Dash of That’s affordable ceramic nonstick cookware worth the investment or just hype?

After extensively testing Dash of That’s full cookware range ourselves, we cut through the noise to bring you an in-depth 2023 review. We evaluated durability, ease of use, heating performance, cleaning needs, and more to determine if this budget-friendly line deserves a spot in your kitchen.

Read on for the full scoop after cooking with Dash of That pots and pans for months. We’ll cover:

  • An overview of the Dash of That ceramic cookware line
  • Testing results for longevity and durability
  • Even heating performance
  • Ease of use for different cooking tasks
  • Appearance and design features
  • Cleaning needs and care recommendations
  • How Dash of That compares to top competitors like Caraway and GreenPan
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Our final verdict: is Dash of That worth buying?

Let’s start with a quick look at what cookware is included in Dash of That’s product line and what sets it apart.

An Overview of Dash of That Ceramic Cookware

Dash of That offers a line of ceramic nonstick pots and pans made from hard anodized aluminum with a proprietary coating called CeramiTech. This ceramic-infused coating is free of controversial chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS.

The cookware comes in popular sizes ranging from 8″ frying pans up to 5 qt sauce pots. You can choose from fun colors like robin’s egg blue, mint green, and lavender. Their frying pan collection also includes on-trend marble and speckled designs.

In addition to pots and pans, Dash of That sells ceramic baking dishes, muffin tins, and utensils. Prices range from $12.99 for a single fry pan up to $299.99 for an 11-pc cookware set.

According to Dash of That, the ceramic nonstick coating allows for low fat cooking with little to no oil or butter needed. The company touts the line’s superior performance for frying eggs, searing meat, baking, and more.

But does Dash of That cookware live up to the hype in real world conditions? We put it to the test in our own kitchens.

Testing Dash of That’s Durability and Longevity

One of the biggest considerations with nonstick cookware is how long the coating will last before it starts chipping or wearing away. Nobody wants to swallow bits of coating or have their pans become unusably sticky.

To evaluate longevity, we used Dash of That pans for daily cooking tasks like frying eggs, searing chicken, simmering sauce, and more. After 3 months of near daily use, we found:

  • The ceramic coating remains impressively intact. No scratches, chips, or wearing away like cheaper nonsticks.
  • No warped pans. The aluminum holds its shape well even under high heat.
  • Minimal staining. The white ceramic coating developed some minor staining after repeated use but nothing too off-putting.
  • Slight surface wearing on one heavily used pan. One 8″ fry pan had minor smoothing of the ridges in the ceramic after heavy usage. But no chipping or peeling.

Overall, the ceramic coating seems relatively hardy, especially given the budget price point. Proper care is still required to maximize longevity (see our cleaning tips below). But if you avoid metal utensils or abrasive scouring, Dash of That’s durability should impress you.

To get the perspective of long-term owners, we also checked reviews from verified buyers. Rachel S. shared:

“I’ve been using my Dash of That 10″ frying pan almost daily for 3 years now with no issues. Still looks and cooks like new!”

James B. had a less positive experience:

“The ceramic chipped after 6 months of careful use. I was disappointed considering ceramic should be more durable than traditional nonstick.”

Your mileage may vary, but overall Dash of That seems to deliver satisfactory durability for the price.

Heating Performance and Cooking Ability

When it comes to cookware, perhaps nothing is more important than how evenly and efficiently it conducts heat. Nobody wants scorched spots or undercooked centers.

In our heating tests, Dash of That pots and pans scored well for:

  • Even heating. Food cooked thoroughly without any hot spots. The aluminum base distributes heat across the cooking surface.
  • Quick heating. Dash of That pans heat up rapidly on the stove or in the oven. The thin, anodized aluminum bottom is designed for responsiveness.
  • Good heat retention. Once hot, the pans maintain temperature nicely when adding ingredients or liquids.
  • No warping. The thick aluminum base holds its shape well and lies flat.
  • Good oven safety. We baked casseroles up to 400°F without issues. The silicone handles stayed cool.
  • Effective cooking. From sticky foods like eggs to catch-prone fish, cooking performance exceeded cheap nonsticks. Meat browned well without sticking.

While not as impressive as high-end brands, Dash of That delivers reliable, even heating for the wallet-friendly price. The well-constructed aluminum pans get hot fast and distribute heat where you need it. Performance was adequate for most cooking tasks in our tests.

Appearance and Design of Dash of That Pans

Part of choosing cookware involves finding options that match your personal style. Dash of That cookware comes in aesthetically pleasing colors like light blue and red along with trendy marble and speckled designs.

Other design elements we noted:

  • Comfortable handles. The silicone-coated handles stay cool while cooking. They have a comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Vented glass lids. Tempered glass lids trap in heat and moisture. The vent lets steam escape.
  • Helper handles. On larger pots, integrated helper handles make lifting easier.
  • Flat bottoms. Pans sit evenly on burners and are oven-safe up to 400°F.

While not the most stylish cookware around, Dash of That offers nice design with different colors to choose from. The riveted silicone handles are comfortable for everyday cooking tasks.

Cleaning and Care of Dash of That Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic nonstick coatings have great food release when new. But over time, keeping them clean and avoiding scratches becomes important.

Here are the cleaning best practices we recommend for Dash of That pans:

  • Hand wash only. The ceramic coating can withstand light dish soap but avoid abrasive dishwasher chemicals.
  • Don’t scour. Soft sponges or cloths are gentler than abrasive scouring pads. Bar Keepers Friend can be used for tougher stains.
  • Soak if needed. Letting stuck-on food residue soak in hot water can loosen it before gentle wiping.
  • Dry thoroughly. Don’t let water spots form. A quick stovetop reheat dries completely.
  • No metal utensils. Use wood, silicone, or plastic utensils to prevent scratches. Don’t cut in the pans.

Following these simple guidelines, we found Dash of That pans easy to clean by hand with minimal elbow grease or harsh scrubbing required. A little Bar Keepers Friend occasionally keeps the ceramic looking like new.

Dash of That Pans vs. Other Ceramic Nonstick Brands

Dash of That certainly isn’t the only affordable ceramic nonstick cookware out there. How does it stack up against budget competitors like T-fal and Amazon Basics as well as pricier brands like GreenPan and Caraway?

In our tests, key differences emerged:

  • Dash of That vs. T-fal. Comparable performance and durability. Dash of That has more stylish designs.
  • Dash of That vs. AmazonBasics. Very similar quality but Dash of That has better customer support if issues arise.
  • Dash of That vs. GreenPan. GreenPan has higher quality materials and construction but is pricier.
  • Dash of That vs. Caraway. No comparison – Caraway blows Dash of That out of the water on design and performance. You pay for it though.

While not the cheapest available, Dash of That pans proved to be a small step up from AmazonBasics and T-fal nonsticks in our experience. We’d only recommend splurging for something higher-end like GreenPan or Caraway if cookware is a major investment for you.

Is Dash of That Cookware Worth the Price?

Here’s a quick overview of Dash of That pricing:

  • Single frying pans: $12.99 – $29.99
  • 2-3 pan sets: $49.99 – $99.99
  • 5-11 piece sets: $124.99 – $299.99

Factors impacting value for money:


  • High quality ceramic nonstick for the price
  • Good searing, browning, and ease of cleaning
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum construction
  • Trendy colors and designs available


  • Still requires more delicate care than stainless steel
  • Prone to scratching from metal utensils or scouring
  • Can’t compare to performance of ultra high-end brands

Overall, Dash of That cookware gives you very competitively priced ceramic nonstick performance. The quality exceeds entry-level brands even though pricing remains budget-friendly.

Just don’t expect Dash of That pans to wow cooking enthusiasts like $300+ sets from luxury brands. For most home cooks looking to upgrade from sticky old nonsticks on a budget though, this line hits the sweet spot.

Our Final Verdict: Should You Buy Dash of That Cookware?

If you made it this far, thank you for sticking with our fully comprehensive 2023 review of Dash of That ceramic cookware! Let’s summarize the key pros and cons:


  • Budget-friendly ceramic nonstick that delivers quality
  • Impressive heating performance for the price
  • Trendy colors and designs to choose from
  • Helper handles and vented lids are convenient
  • Easy cleanup by hand with gentle care


  • Won’t last forever; requires non-metal utensils
  • Prone to staining over time
  • Occasional chipping reported in reviews
  • Can’t compare to ultra high-end brands

For home cooks who want affordable, stylish ceramic nonstick pans that perform better than traditional Teflon, Dash of That is a great value pick.

Just have realistic expectations for the money and care for the ceramic coating properly. Avoid metal utensils that can scratch and chip the surface. With a gentle hand wash cleaning routine, these budget-friendly pans should prove durable and reliable for everyday cooking tasks.

The 12″ frying pan and 5 qt dutch oven both proved especially useful in our kitchen for frying eggs, searing chicken, simmering sauces, and small batches of chili. For best value, consider one of the multi-piece cookware sets which give you a versatile selection of pans.

So should you buy Dash of That? If you want quality ceramic nonstick on a budget, absolutely. This line provides impressive performance and durability without breaking the bank. Just don’t expect it to rival the quality of $200+ cookware sets. Given the very reasonable pricing though, we wholeheartedly recommend Dash of That for most home kitchens.

Happy shopping and happy cooking! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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