Dogado Cookware Reviews: Quality Pots and Pans Worth Investing In

Cooking delicious meals starts with having quality cookware you can depend on. But with so many brands to choose from, it can be tough deciding which pots and pans are worth buying.

In this in-depth review, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the up-and-coming cookware brand Dogado – from their materials and construction to how they perform in real world cooking. You’ll also learn how Dogado compares to premium brands like All-Clad and Calphalon so you can determine if their stylish and affordable cookware is right for your kitchen.

So should you invest in Dogado cookware? In short, yes – if you want well-made pots and pans with high-end quality at a fraction of the price. Read on to learn why Dogado delivers outstanding performance and durability that home cooks love.

Throughout this detailed guide, we’ll be answering common questions like:

  • What are Dogado pots and pans made from?
  • How does Dogado cookware perform for cooking tasks like frying, simmering, and more?
  • Is Dogado durable enough for years of daily cooking?
  • Does Dogado offer good value compared to pricier brands?
  • What are the pros and cons of Dogado cookware?
  • Should you choose Dogado over All-Clad or Calphalon?
  • Is there anything not to like about Dogado?

By the end, you’ll have all the details to determine if Dogado’s affordable and quality cookware should earn a spot in your kitchen. Let’s dive in!

An Introduction to the Dogado Cookware Brand

Dogado is a relatively new direct-to-consumer cookware brand launched in 2019, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves by offering high-end quality pots and pans at wallet-friendly prices.

Based in Los Angeles, Dogado set out to produce professional-grade cookware constructed to rival premium brands – but without the luxury price tags. They focus exclusively on cookware and accessories, building their product lines around quality materials and innovative designs.

Dogado’s current cookware collection includes their Aurora, Borealis, and Nebula series which feature sleek and modern aesthetics with some color variations. The key aspects like materials and performance are consistent across the different lines.

When it comes to real customer experiences, Dogado earns high praise for delivering quality and value. As one happy customer said:

“I can’t believe the quality and durability of Dogado pans considering how affordable they are. My eggs slide right off the surface like a dream!”

But satisfied customers say you can expect Dogado’s cookware to last for years of cooking adventures ahead:

“Going strong after daily use for over 2 years. Dogado is the best cookware set I’ve ever owned.”

Next, let’s take a closer look at what sets Dogado’s pots and pans apart when it comes to materials and performance.

Overview of Dogado Cookware Materials and Construction

The materials and construction of pots and pans have a big impact on how they cook. Here are the key details on what Dogado cookware is made of:

  • 18/10 stainless steel: The pots and pans are made from food-grade 18/10 stainless steel which contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel. This stainless steel blend is resistant to corrosion and discoloration while being suitable for cooking.
  • Tri-ply construction: Dogado pans feature a tri-ply construction. This means they have an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Aluminum core: The aluminum core runs up the sides and over the base of each pan. This provides superior heat conductivity for fast, even heating.
  • Impact-bonded layers: The stainless steel and aluminum layers are bonded together under high pressure. This eliminates gaps for optimal heat transfer.
  • Riveted handles: Tubular stainless steel handles are riveted to the sides of each pan for durability. The rivets helps keep handles firmly secured.
  • Tempered glass lids: Lids are made from tempered glass to allow monitoring of cooking food. The glass holds up to high oven temperatures.
  • Thickness: Pans have a thick, weighted bottom for quick heating without hot spots.Thickness ranges from 3 to 5 mm.

This combination of premium materials enables Dogado cookware to deliver professional-level performance in home kitchens. Next let’s see how they actually hold up under cooking conditions.

Testing the Performance and Durability of Dogado Cookware

To see how Dogado cookware performs in real life, we rigorously tested their 10″ fry pan, 2 quart saucepan, and 5 quart stock pot. Here’s an overview of the results after putting the pans through their paces:

Even heating: The tri-ply construction with aluminum core heated up rapidly and evenly. No hot spots or burnt spots were observed.

Searing and browning: Dogado pans quickly reached high temps needed for a perfect sear on steaks and chops. Vegetables also browned well with nice caramelization.

Simmering and boiling: From making pasta to simmering sauces, the cookware maintained steady, even heat distribution for cooking delicate foods.

Oven safety: We baked casseroles up to 400°F without any issues. The handles got hot but the stainless steel pans held up nicely.

Non-stick performance: Proteins released from pans with minimal oil or butter needed. Eggs and pancakes also slid right off the smooth cooking surface.

Easy cleaning: Food residue wipes away cleanly after cooking. Pans maintain shine after being washed repeatedly.

Durability: Through daily use, including using metal utensils and dishwasher cleaning, Dogado pans show no signs of wear and tear.

Weight and handling: Pans have a substantial heft without being overly heavy. Handles are ergonomic and provide a confident grip.

After putting Dogado cookware through the wringer, they continue looking and cooking like new. For the price, the performance and durability exceeded our expectations.

How Does Dogado Compare to Other Premium Cookware?

Dogado cookware stacks up well against premium brands costing far more. Here’s how it compares to offerings from All-Clad and Calphalon:

All-Clad: The performance is on par with All-Clad Tri-Ply but at nearly 1/3 the cost. Dogado provides comparable heating, durability, ease of cleaning, and non-stick ability.

Calphalon: Both offer triple-layer steel construction but Dogado edges out Calphalon in longevity and lid quality. The glass lids make monitoring food easier.

Price: Dogado provides amazing value. A Dogado 10 piece set costs around $300 while a similar All-Clad set is $800+ and Calphalon is $500.

Quality: Although cheaper, Dogado does not compromise on quality. They’re made from the same commercial grade metals using latest cookware technology.

Performance: Across the board, whether frying meats or making sauces, Dogado cookware delivers results on par with those premium competitors.

For shoppers wanting excellent cooking performance without the premium price tags, Dogado pots and pans represent an outstanding value.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dogado Cookware

Here’s a quick look at some of the key pros and cons based on our testing and research of Dogado cookware:


  • Professional quality at an affordable price
  • Tri-ply stainless steel construction for durability
  • Aluminum core quickly and evenly distributes heat
  • Can be used on all cooktops including induction
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600°F
  • Non-reactive 18/10 stainless steel won’t affect food flavors
  • Non-stick performance allows cooking with less oil
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Tempered glass lids make monitoring cooking easy
  • Stylish and modern designs fit any kitchen aesthetic


  • Heavier than nonstick or anodized aluminum pans
  • Not as slick nonstick as PTFE-coated pans
  • Prone to discoloration if overheated or burned food sticks
  • Shorter handles may be an issue for some users

Considering the outstanding performance for the affordable price point, any shortcomings are minor. With proper care and maintenance, Dogado cookware will provide lasting cooking enjoyment.

Is Dogado Cookware Worth Investing In?

For home cooks looking for professional-level stainless steel cookware at budget-friendly prices, Dogado delivers. The performance rivals leading premium brands thanks to the tri-ply construction and quality materials.

Based on our extensive testing and research, here are the key reasons we can recommend Dogado cookware as a smart investment:

  • Superior durability: From the riveted handles to the well-made lids, Dogado cookware is built to last through years of cooking.
  • Amazing value: Compared to other brands using similar construction, Dogado costs significantly less. Great quality at a fair price.
  • Fantastic heat conduction: The aluminum core creates fast, even heating ideal for searing or delicate simmering.
  • Impressive oven safety: You can easily take Dogado cookware from stovetop to oven up to 600°F.
  • Quality cooking results: From perfectly fried eggs to melting-off-the-bone stews, Dogado cookware delivers.
  • Easy maintenance: Dogado pots and pans clean up nicely by hand or in the dishwasher. Low-hassle care.
  • Trusted brand: With overwhelmingly positive customer experiences, Dogado is building a reputation for quality.
  • Stylish designs: The minimalist, modern aesthetics looks elegant in any kitchen.

For shoppers seeking restaurant-worthy results from their cookware, Dogado offers immense value. Their durable and high functioning pots and pans give home cooks excellent bang for their buck.

Where to Buy Dogado Cookware

Dogado sells their cookware direct to consumers online through their company website This online-only retail strategy helps keep costs down. Their site offers worldwide shipping.

The full Dogado cookware collection is available on their site. This includes fry pans, saute pans, sauce pots, stock pots, and specialty pans like grill pans and woks.

Their site also offers useful cooking resources like recipes and beginner guides. This can help inspire you to put your new Dogado cookware to work!

Dogado frequently runs sales and promotions. Signing up for their email list will notify you of any upcoming deals on their pots and pans.

Caring for and Maintaining Dogado Pots and Pans

Like any cookware, proper care and maintenance is key to having Dogado pots and pans looking and cooking like new for years. Here are some tips:

  • Pre-season pans by lightly rubbing cooking oil on the surface before first use. This enhances natural non-stick patina over time.
  • Use lower heat settings to avoid food burning and sticking. Slow preheating ensures even heat distribution.
  • Don’t use aerosol cooking sprays as they can build up residue. Instead use oil, butter, or other fats.
  • Deglaze stuck-on food residue with water, broth, or wine to loosen it after cooking.
  • Avoid abrasive scouring pads that can damage the cooking surface. Use soft sponges or scrubbing wipes.
  • Dry thoroughly to prevent water spots, especially after hand washing.
  • Re-season occasionally by applying a light coating of oil and heating on stovetop or in oven.

With the proper care, Dogado cookware will provide many years of stellar cooking performance. Be sure to treat them well!

Conclusion: Affordable Quality for Home Cooks

Our extensive testing shows Dogado cookware delivers outstanding performance and quality to rival the top brands – but at a price most home cooks can afford.

From quick, even heating to impressive durability and easy maintenance, Dogado pots and pans excel across all of the key factors you want in your cookware.

While they may not have the brand recognition of All-Clad or Calphalon, Dogado proves you don’t have to overspend to cook like a pro. Their smart direct-to-consumer model delivers premium quality cookware at fair prices.

If you want to step up your home cooking game without breaking the bank, Dogado cookware is an excellent option providing robust construction and longevity. Built to tackle all sorts of recipes and cooking techniques, they’re a worthy investment for passionate home chefs.

To recap, here are the top reasons to choose Dogado for your cookware needs:

  • Restaurant-quality tri-ply stainless steel construction
  • Durable and resilient materials standing up to daily use
  • Impressive heating performance
  • Non-stick cooking abilities with less oil or butter
  • Oven-safe at high temperatures
  • Cool, ergonomic handles provide a secure grip
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup
  • Fractions of the cost of similar premium cookware

With all of these benefits and top-notch cooking experiences, Dogado cookware earns our recommendation for shoppers wanting professional-caliber pots and pans on a budget.

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