Monogram Range Reviews In 2023 (Experts Analysis)

Monogram ranges are available in many sizes, shapes, and designs, and you will find plenty of them on the market these days. However, choosing the one that will best serve your needs is challenging with so much variety.

This is why we have created this short guide of the best monogram ranges in 2023 to get the most value out of your money. In this review, we will go over some of the top products in the market, their key features and drawbacks, and some tips that will help you make the right choice. Let’s get started!

Monogram Range Reviews

1-Monogram 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range (Monogram 48 Range Reviews)

Monogram 48" Dual-Fuel Professional Range

The Monogram 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can cook up to four dishes. It has a reverse air convection accurate European convection cooking system that allows users to create delicious meals in just minutes. The cooking technology is convection, making it possible to create delicious meals with little effort.

The oven cleaning type is self-clean (both ovens) and steams clean (both ranges). This means you can easily clean your ovens by washing them with water and soap or using a steam cleaner.

This range has a porcelain enamel cooking surface and extra low simmer all burners, which allows you to choose from 6 different levels of heat intensity for your food. You will also be able to adjust these levels according to your preference.

The control type is a 7″ full-color touch LCD screen digital temperature display with a timer display which means that you can monitor the temperature of your food from anywhere in the kitchen. It also comes with indicator lights indicating whether the oven is ready for use.


  • You can cook two things at once. So you can make two items and cook them both while the other one is heating your food
  • You get a grill and griddle, so you can cook on it and make everything else on the stovetop
  • The grill is large enough to hold a lot of food at once, so you don’t have to use as much fuel to get through all that food


  • It’s costly
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2-Monogram 36″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range (Monogram 36 Range Reviews)

Monogram 36" Dual-Fuel Professional Range

The Monogram 36″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range is a high-quality range with many features. It has 4 burners so that it can accommodate large amounts of food.

This range is designed to be used in professional kitchens, but you can also use it for your home. It comes with a griddle that can cook large amounts of food quickly and evenly. The grill has an 18,000 BTU stainless steel and aluminum clad thermostatically controlled burner for quick cooking times, even when using high cooking temperatures (up to 500°F).

The ovens have 8 pass bake elements, 8 pass broil elements, and hidden bake options that allow you to cook individual dishes separately or combine them into one dish. You can also program the ovens to come on at certain times to ensure that they’re ready when you are.

To ensure your oven doesn’t get dirty or smudged by greasy hands, there’s a removable grease trough under the griddle (which also doubles as storage space).


  • 4 burners for cooking different kinds of meals
  • The griddle is large enough to cook a whole chicken
  • Easy to clean with the removable griddle plate and self-cleaning feature on the stovetop burner
  • No hot spots and even cooking on the griddle portion of the range


  • The control knobs are not as easy to use as they could be
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3-Monogram 30″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range (Monogram 30 Range Reviews)

Monogram 30" Dual-Fuel Professional Range

This monogram 30″ dual-fuel professional range with 4 burners has all the bells and whistles you need to make your kitchen look unique.

The cooking system is reverse air convection, true European convection, which means it will cook food faster than any other type of oven. It also ensures that your food is cooked evenly, so you can be sure that every bite is delicious.

You get a total of 4 stacked and two side-by-side burners that allow you to cook up big batches of food at once. The oven cleaning type is self-clean steam clean, which means you’ll never have to worry about scrubbing your oven again.

The cooktop surface is porcelain-enamel, which means that it cleans easily and looks great while doing it. The extra low simmer feature adjusts all burners slightly, so they’re just suitable for delicate foods like eggs or fish fillets.

And the control type digital temperature LCD with timer display lets you set exact temperatures for each burner individually so that even minor adjustments can make a big difference in how your meal turns out!


  • 4 burners and a large oven
  • Cast iron grates
  • stainless steel front panel
  • stainless steel door handle and knobs
  • two front-facing glass oven door handles


  • Some people may not like the long cord, but there is a device to reduce cord length if needed
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4-Monogram 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range (Monogram Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range Reviews)

Monogram 48" Dual-Fuel Professional Range

If you’re looking for a professional-grade range that can do it all, look no further than Monogram. The Monogram 48″ Dual-Fuel Professional Range with 6 Burners and a Griddle is an all-in-one solution for your kitchen. With its six burners, you’ll be able to cook anything from savory dishes to desserts. The griddle lets you complement those meals with a unique side dish.

Monogram offers two options for cleaning—self-clean (both ovens) or steam clean (both ovens). If you choose self-clean, you’ll be able to take advantage of the ovens’ self-cleaning features, which include a steam cleaner and infrared heat probe. If you decide to clean steam, then there’s no need for additional tools or products: just let the oven work!

The control panel is fully digital with an LCD that provides temperature readings on both ovens. You can also set timers and get alerts when it goes off, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food or letting it burn.


  • The griddle is large, so you can make a lot of pancakes or toast for your family
  • It has 6 burners, which means it can cook a lot of food at once
  • It has a warming drawer, so you can keep foods warm while they finish cooking


  • The knobs are hard to turn, and the temperature control knob is difficult to see
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What To Consider While Buying New Monogram Range? 

If you are planning to buy a new kitchen range and want to know what to consider before buying, you have come to the right place. We will help you with some of the most important things that need attention as you buy a new range.

Several factors influence your decision when buying a new kitchen range. These include:


The warranty is important to consider when buying a new kitchen range. The warranty should be longer than the product’s lifetime and cover all parts of the product. Getting a product with an extended warranty will save you money in the long run.

Electrical safety:- 

There is no point in buying a kitchen range if it doesn’t have electrical safety features like an overheat sensor, an under voltage alarm, etc. These features will help keep your house safe from any fire or explosion caused due to short circuits or overloads.


It is essential to check whether the cooking appliance has an anti-tip system. Anti-tip system ensures that the appliance does not fall off from its place while cooking so that it does not fall on any person or animal sitting near it.


The size of your kitchen will determine how much space your range requires. If your kitchen size is small, you might need a compact range, whereas significant content may suffice if it is large. You can also consider whether or not you have enough space to accommodate all your appliances in one place or if they should be spread out across different areas to maximize space efficiency.


The type of appliance you choose also depends on the size and shape of your room, along with its other features, such as storage space and ease of access for cleaning purposes. Suppose many people in your family cook at different times during the day. In that case, having more than one stovetop may be necessary so that everyone can use their favorite cooking method at any given time without interfering with others’ needs.


Another thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a new kitchen range is the features that come along with it. Make sure that the features will help make your life easier and more convenient for you and your family members and guests who visit your house regularly.


The price of the new kitchen range can vary depending on various factors like its brand name and model number etc., but if you know how much money you have at hand, then you can quickly go for a particular brand or model which comes within your budget so as not to waste money on unnecessary things that might not work out well for you later on when it comes time for replacement or repair work, etc.,

Type of burners:-

Stainless steel vs. ceramic: A stainless steel burner is more durable than a ceramic one, so it lasts longer. Still, it also requires regular cleaning to prevent food from sticking or burning on the bottom of the pan or being unappealing when cooked on top of it. Ceramic burners create less heat than stainless steel ones. Still, they are easier to clean as they don’t require cleaning oil or any other extra maintenance.

The Final Words

Our team of experts has compiled this report after analyzing the Monogram Range Reviews In 2023. With the help of our experts, we have uncovered information about the various Monogram Range Reviews that can help you get the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monogram A Good Brand?

If a brand is a promise, then yes. Monogram is a great brand. Monogram products are the best in their category and are the best known in their class. Their products promise value, quality, and style.

Are Monogram Appliances Good?

Monogram Appliances are one of the best kitchen appliance brands. They are recognized for their reliability, American craftsmanship, and service. They are known for their smooth transitions, intelligent features, and innovative technology.

Who Makes Monogram Ranges?

General Electric branded appliances, GE Appliances, is a house of brands–its kitchen, laundry, and devices are under the Monogram, Profile, Cafe, and GE Cafe names, respectively.

Monogram Range Warranty?

The Monogram Range has a two-year Limited Home Warranty, one of the best in the industry. This is verified by third-party inspection agencies and includes one complete appliance replacement.

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